4 Things To Consider When Hiring A Spanish Business Translation Company

In this day and age, companies conduct business with other businesses and clients all over the world. One of the challenges of international business is the language barrier between clients/customers and companies that do business strictly in English. The number of Spanish-speaking customers for many sectors is increasing rapidly, so many businesses are in need of Spanish translation services for all types of things, from websites and product descriptions to policies and procedures.

Picking A Very Good Interpreter

Picking a good translator (the Language Banc is a fantastic start) is a very important step if you are going to be visiting a country on a business trip. Whether you are buying cattle down in Mexico, or spreading your business in Germany, a good translator can make or break your business trip. A good translator needs to be capable in much more than just language; they need to be skilled in many other aspects of language as well.

Tips For Encouraging Diversity In Tech

The tech field is a growing field that employs a lot of people with jobs that pay extremely well. However, many of these jobs are taken by people who look the same. This can be problematic for people who are not part of the group that dominates tech. Some people report feeling as though they do not belong or even outright harassment at some tech companies. This can lower those companies' overall productivity and increase employee turnover.