Should You Study Business English Or Workplace English?

Although they sound similar, workplace English is a different field of study than business English. Workplace English is most beneficial for those who wish to excel or advance with a particular employer or in a specific field. Business English is used for communication and navigation among many different kinds of businesses and employment fields. It is the language of commerce and trade. What is the purpose of studying workplace English?

How You Can Revive Samoan Culture In Your Art Class

The Samoan people have long created beautiful and colorful tapestries, called Siapo, on material made from the bark of the paper mulberry tree for many years, but today, the process of this amazing art form is dying. If you are teaching your art class ancient forms of art, delving deep into the amazing culture of the Samoan people is a good idea. Your art students will wonder at the long, pain-staking process the Samoan Indians used to create the tapestries that are symbolic of their rich culture.

Frequent Questions Concerning Professional Translation Services

The internet has greatly increased the ability of your company to reach foreign markets. However, there are many challenges that can accompany trying to reach customers in these markets. For example, language barriers can be a major impediment to companies, and while there are translation services that can help enterprises meet these needs, it is common for business leaders to be inexperienced with working with these professionals. Therefore, they may need to have some questions about translation services answered in order to decide if this is a good option for their business' needs.