Learning A New Language

4 Things To Consider When Hiring A Spanish Business Translation Company

In this day and age, companies conduct business with other businesses and clients all over the world. One of the challenges of international business is the language barrier between clients/customers and companies that do business strictly in English. The number of Spanish-speaking customers for many sectors is increasing rapidly, so many businesses are in need of Spanish translation services for all types of things, from websites and product descriptions to policies and procedures. If your company is in need of Spanish translation services, use the following tips:

Look for a Native Speaker

While many people are fluent in more than one language when you need important business documents translated, it is in your best interest to hire a company who employs native Spanish speakers. In a lot of cases, native Spanish speakers are more skilled in translating a document from English to Spanish into writing than someone who is not a native speaker. This is due to the fact that native speakers are usually better at writing translated documents into the first language that they learned. 

Know the Difference Between a Translator and an Interpreter

It's not uncommon to confuse translators and interpreters. Both are at least fluently bi-lingual and can speak more than one language. But, an interpreter focuses on translating spoken words in real time, while a translator has the skills to successfully translate a document from one language to another. When searching for the right translation services company for your business, make sure that you select one with skilled translators, not interpreters.

Understand the Cost

Whether you need one document translated into Spanish or hundreds of pages, it is important to know exactly how much it will cost your company. The best thing that you can do is request quotes from several different translation companies. Don't automatically hire the translation company with the lowest quoted price-- take the time to learn as much as you can about the companies that you are interested in, and then choose the one that shows the highest skill and best value.

Ask About Completion Times

When you're in need of having documents translated from English to Spanish, the time it takes to be completed can be a big deal. If you need translation in a very timely manner, make sure that you let the translation services company know and find out if they are able to fulfill your order in the time period allotted. 

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