Learning A New Language

Picking A Very Good Interpreter

Picking a good translator (the Language Banc is a fantastic start) is a very important step if you are going to be visiting a country on a business trip. Whether you are buying cattle down in Mexico, or spreading your business in Germany, a good translator can make or break your business trip. A good translator needs to be capable in much more than just language; they need to be skilled in many other aspects of language as well. Here are a few characteristics of the best translators that you can find.  

Proficient Language Skills

First and foremost the interpreter needs to be very well versed in both languages that will be spoken during the trip. It is not a good idea to have an interpreter that is only well versed in one of the languages. If something important is said in the other language it is important that the individual is able to not only tell you what the word means, but also what emphasis the phrase has and the context behind the phrase. The save goes the other way, as you speak to the translator, you want to know with certainty that the content of your words is not misrepresented in any way.

Culture Knowledge

There is no doubt that there will be cultural differences when you are visiting different countries. What may be seen as normal in one country may be viewed as extremely rude in other countries. So, you want to hire a translator that is knowledgeable of the culture in which you are visiting. You want your translator to have the ability to tell you what you should do as far as manners during dinner and during meetings. If you are not able to have good manners during the meetings and when communicating, your business may suffer because of it.

Knowledge Of Laws

You are going to be in a country that is not familiar to you, and you are not going to know the laws of the land. If you have a translator that understands and knows the laws, then you are not going to have to worry about breaking any laws on accident. There are times when individuals hire a translator that is just a good communicator, but does not have any background knowledge of the area, and this can lead to some very nasty situations. If you have a translator that understands and knows the local laws, they will be able to steer you away from breaking any local laws.