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Tips For Encouraging Diversity In Tech

The tech field is a growing field that employs a lot of people with jobs that pay extremely well. However, many of these jobs are taken by people who look the same. This can be problematic for people who are not part of the group that dominates tech. Some people report feeling as though they do not belong or even outright harassment at some tech companies. This can lower those companies' overall productivity and increase employee turnover. The public wants tech companies to be diverse because it will force them to consider a diverse number of perspectives that will make their products fit better for all communities. If you are a manger of a tech company, you might be at a loss as for what you can do to help. Here are some tips for encouraging diversity in tech.

1. Hold Diversity Events and Have Your Upper Level Management Come

The first thing that you want to do is make sure that you are holding diversity events to promote different ideas. You can hire diversity keynote speakers to help encourage and guide people towards working together despite differing opinions and life experiences. However, for all of the events that you hold, you need to make sure that you have upper level management, including the CEO, CTO, and CFO, attend them. The reason for this is that by having upper level management there, you lend the events an air of legitimacy. Having the CEO announce a keynote diversity speaker will put that speaker on the same level as the CEO in that event and help ensure that people actually listen to what he or she has to say.

2. Widen the Pipeline

Many companies streamline their recruitment process to only considering candidates from top tech schools. This can be helpful because it cuts costs, but it also tends to net these companies a lot of people with the same backgrounds. This is a problem because it narrows the pool of people to pick from and therefore reduces diversity. Widen your pipeline from college to recruitment by sending recruiters to schools that have different types of people than those who you have already hired. You can still get top talent from these schools, but you will widen your diversity net.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in helping people find keynote speakers for their diversity events. They will be able to help you match up with one that meets your specific needs. For more information, contact companies like Interlink Consulting Services Inc.